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The Night Flight


It was night, but it was never like before
She invited me, and she opened the door
She said: "Come in, and you will see!
The waves are playing a melody."

I wondered that the waves could make this sound
But she insisted of having me around
So we took our seat and were side by side
And watched out of the window which was opened wide.

I saw how the moonlight was falling on her head
It was ao fascinating, and then suddenly she said:
"Now take my hand, close your eyes, feel the harmony
You won't regret it, you will be fine, trust me!"

So I closed my eyes and felt how she hold my hand so tight
And suddenly it was like we started a flight
I felt the wind, I felt so easy and free
She said: "Open your eyes, there is lots you can see".

And it was true, we were just flying in the air
She was beside me, there was wind in her hair
Under us the ocean, dark and wide
Over us the stars and the moon, shining bright!

I was so happy that she was beside me
And I could feel our friendship so strong and trustfully
I wanted to hug her, my dearest and best friend
And I hoped this moment would never end.

But then, after a while, I found myself back again
Hugging her behind the window, and it started to rain
I said to her: "Thank you so much for the fantastic flight!"
And she said: "Thank you for being with me this night."

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