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Diving With You

  Once in dream, when you and I where there
Diving in the ocean, enjoying the submarine flair
We met an amazing big creature, it was a whale
He invited us to follow, and we knew we wouldn't fail

We touched its back so that it could lead us to
Hand in hand deep down in the ocean's blue
So we saw corals passing by and lots of cute fish
Grottos and more peaceful creatures than you can wish

Our scuba bubbles went to the surface above
But the oxygen we had was always more than enough
I was so happy that you were by my side
We discovered a lot, our eyes became wide

We trusted each other, we trusted the whale
It was like a garden where you could sail
You were so happy, and I was sure I could hear
You were excited, your heartbeat was in my ear

It was so very special, a kind of singularity
Thank you so much, my friend, for staying with me!
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