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Don't Give Up

  In a world full of fears
Full of trouble, full of tears
When desperation won't let you feel right
And no light shines in the night

When a good plan has failed
And your heart feels nailed
When you don't hear any sound
And no one seems to be around

When the wind blows in cool
And you are feeling like a fool
When you can't comprehend
The disaster in the end

When you are feeling so sad
And it's hurting so bad
When others are hurt by what you've done
And all hope seems to be gone

Don't give up. Rest your head
You worry too much, it isn't so bad
You will find a way out
Even when you are badly knocked about
Even when times are so rough
And the hoping isn't enough

Whatever may come and whatever may go
The river will always flow
Don't give up

Just don't give up.



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