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She's So Magical

  When the moon's coming up to the sky
And the stars beginning to glow
Her picture comes to my eye
It's my sweet friend and I miss her so

Even she's so far away and we are apart
Even we cannot feel each other's touch
I know she is so near to my heart
And I love her smile to much

The horizon is far, as the Earth is round
And when it rains, everything feels wet
But so unique is her friendship that I found
And she's the best friend I ever met

I had a hold on her right from the start
She is humorous, sweet and so smart
I hope she never leaves, she's just the very best
She's magical and the reason why I am blessed

She's from the sun, a very special location
She's giving so much and does not stop, no never
She's full of evergy and positive emotion
And I want to keep her forever!



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