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Story Without Happy End


I wish our story had been different
And I wish it had a happy end.
We understood so well, used our creativity
And there was lots of chemistry between you and me.

There was so much passion, so much trust
I thought we really should be together, it's a must.
We had so much fun and I could see
So much love and lots of harmony.

We had so many plans of what we could do
And I had so many ideas of how to surprise you.
There was the chance to make our dreams reality
And creating so much happiness for you and me.

But serveral times, you said goodbye to me and then
Only I was fighting to keep you, again and again.
Until I had to realize you just used me and lied
And I was really so down from this and I cried.

You destroyed everything and I must see
There was never love, you were just playing with me.
It's over now, I have to accept it and to move on
And I just hope the sadness will soon be gone.

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