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The Golden Egg

When Tarro and Dania met at the Islands of Dreams, it was different than the times before. She told him she found a golden egg, but that was strange as no animal or creature would lay such one. Tarro said he would help her figuring out where it came from. They went to the wise owl from the 1000 years old oak tree, but the owl could just say such an egg only appears every 1000 years and means something special, but did not know more. So they decided to find a good place for it and guard it as long as possible. So they went to the forest valley, collected moss and branches and created a nest. Finally they put the egg in the nest and Dania put a protection spell on it. They both decided to guard the egg in shifts of 4 hours alternatively, so one could sleep while the other one was awake.

When Dania was sleeping, Tarro had to wake her up. The sky was full of evil creatures, and when one came near, they could it there were the black night dragons, one of the most dangerous creatures existing, but usually living far away in the mountains of darkness. Tarro got his magic sword and Dania created her balls of magic ready to throw them. The dragons started to attack them, spew their fire on them and tried to get them in their evil claws, but Dania and Tarro were too fast for them and with their weapons, the dragons were hurt quickly. However, it was a hard fight and they both had to use all their power. At the end, the dragons escaped. Dania and Tarro were happy, although they were very exhaused and got many scratches. Fortunately, Dania had some herbs and created some healing magic so they both felt soon better.

But then they were shocked: The egg was gone! It was sure the dragons did not get it, but who else? Tarro suspected the goblins, as they were known to steal a lot, however when they went to their kingdom and asked their king, he said he did not have it. The goblings feared Danias magic so they never dared to lie. But who else could have the egg? Dania had an idea: Tarro had to stick his magic sword in the ground, then she made a spell and the sword showed them what happened while they were fighting. And then they saw the egg was not stolen, but rolled away - by itself.

That was very strange. While they were thinking where it could be now, and elv came to them and brought the egg, saying he found it in an owl nest near their village. Now Dania and Tarro understood: The egg needed warmth for the breeding process. Suddenly, it got more and more fissures. The elv put it on the ground, it was finally broken and a wide beam of light made everything bright around them. When it vanished, a golden lady dragon wsa standing in front of them. She thanked them for their guarding and protection and told them the evil black dragons tried to get the egg because they hate golden dragons and wanted to destroy them. She also said she had to go but granted one wish before. So Dania asked her for a magic protection from all evil creatures for the entire island of dreams, so that the island would never get attacked again by them. The golden lady dragon agreed, thanked them again and disappeared.

The elv invited them for a festival to celebrate the new protection. Happily they agreed and had a great time with the elves.

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