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You are THE girl


It started so little, but went so deep
It was you who appeared in my sleep
It's always you who's in my sight
And when I am looking to the moon
I wish so much to meet you soon
And you are always on my mind
I've no doubt that you're THE girl

You can fly to the stars, pass the sky
There is nothing that you couldn't try
And I am so happy you are there
Whatever happens, what future will do
I know already I will make it with you
It's you I always want to care
I've no doubt that you're THE girl

And when the darkness comes and you don't dare
I'll bring you the light and defeat the nightmare
I'll be always on your side
And when you are confused and got lost
Struggle a lot and feeling like frost
I'll warm you, I will be your guide
I've no doubt that you're THE girl

I'll go with you to the end
I feel so happy with every message you sent
You have proven you are right
Your smile makes butterflies sing
You have no idea how much joy you can bring
Our hearts will always be tied
I've no doubt that you're THE girl
Yes, it's only you who is THE girl!

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